MRSA Superbug

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It can all begin with something so simple such as a shaving cut. The MRSA organism may have been living on that person for some time, with no symptoms being demonstrated. However, once that shaving cut appears, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream. Then MRSA becomes much more serious…

When Are MRSA Screenings Performed?

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The most commonly used test to identify MRSA colonisation is the culture. A swab is taken from the patient and is then cultured. Swabs are usually taken from the nose, though they can also be collected from wound sites or skin lesions on people with known MRSA infections. The culture is a definitive test and usually takes one to two days to complete…

MRSA Screening

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A MRSA screening is a process whose purpose is to detect the presence of the MRSA bacteria in patients. MRSA screenings are used primarily on colonised patients and on infected patients after they have been treated, to determine whether any resistant bacteria remains.
At a community level, MRSA screening may help to identify the source of a MRSA outbreak, and at a national level it can help to identify genetic characteristics of a MRSA strain.

Wrestling Hall of Fame Press Conference

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Lee Kemp Three Time World Champion to make announcement.

Dr. Happy Offers Advice About Preventing Skin Infections

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Lots of athletes have been asking me about how to prevent skin infections such as Staph, while training. MMA, Thai boxing and Ju-jitsu are excellent sports for conditioning and competing. Because of the nature of the sport (submissions and knee sparring) competitors are at a greater risk of skin infections. Skin infections can be contagious and if left untreated can cause serious…

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MRSA cases ‘on the rise in one in 10 hospital trusts’, report shows

MRSA cases ‘on the rise in one in 10 hospital trusts’, report shows

Cases of the deadly superbug MRSA are still on the rise in one in 10 hospital trusts, while one in five still have increasing rates of C. difficile, an official report shows.The report by the National Audit Office (NAO) sparked criticism of a “lamentable lack of progress” on measuring other potentially dangerous bloodstream infections which are also on the rise but are being neglected because of the concentration on MRSA and C. diff…

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